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Sacha Cosmetics har bedrivit onlineförsäljning under tio år och nedanför listar vi kommentarer som Sacha Cosmetics i USA har fått från kunder. 

"Sacha is awesome! Super customer service. I absolutely love them. Just what I have been looking for, for so long. My search is over, I'm a customer for life."
Dorothy Wilson, Florida, USA

"The best product I have ever used! I would suggest it to anyone."
Juanita Shavers, Virginia, USA

"Phenomenal product! I have been searching for something like this for years."
Carmen Burnett, Virginia, USA

"All I can ever say is WOW! I wish that your rating meter went all the way to 1 million because that's the level of satisfaction I would rate them, and then some!."
Heather, President, Pageant Services

"The Sacha Products are fantastic! For the first time, I look like me when I'm wearing make-up."
Barbara A.Cash, Illinois, USA

"I've used your pressed powder and lipsticks. I have tried EVERY brand out there from drug store to department store brands and this is the best brand I've ever come across."
Tracy Ball, San Diego, California, USA

"The Kamaflage is the most amazing product I have ever used. My makeup looked good ALL day. Every time I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe what I was seeing...no oil break-through, no cakey look, no fading."
Dana Anderson, Florida, USA

"Finally! A product that lives up to its reputation."
Luzviminda Franklin, Texas, USA

"Your products work wonderful for me. It's great to finally put on some make-up that looks natural on me. I'm usually am a bargain shopper but I'll pay for this because it makes my skin look great, I will be back, you can count on that."
A. Frazier, New Jersey, USA

"Your products are unbelievably wonderful!!!!!!!"
Taisia Naegle, Ohio, USA

"By far the best foundation I have ever used in both color and coverage... wonderful service too."
Emily Wright, Indiana, SA

"The product really delivers! I was skeptical, but it really does exactly as they say. For those ladies who have wasted a fortune in the past, trying to find the right foundation, this may very well be the last place you shop for it! I am still in awe over the results!"
Lisa Wiggs, North Carolina, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you to the person who founded this makeup line. This company will always be my choice for makeup. It does not fade, turn orange or flake."
Flo DeBerry, West Virginia, USA

"I LOVE Sacha cosmetics. It is the first makeup that I've worn that match my complexion so beautifully."
W. Wynter, New Jersey, USA

"Wonder product! I have never bought a foundation that matched my skin exactly."
Amber Hanohano, Oregon, USA

"I am very satisfied with the way my order was handled, and the product is excellent." Sunita
Kapoor, Singapore

"Thanks for a great product. It goes on smooth and looks just like the color of my skin. Girls get this product. It will have you looking flawless. Sacha, you get five stars from me!"
Mrs. Kimberly Armstrong, Texas, USA

"I love all the products. They are beautiful. The colors are perfect."
Millie Martin, New Mexico, USA

"Success! Today having used my new foundation, I had several compliments. "Wow, you look good today!, "You look so fresh and glowing". "You look younger", and I felt it!"
Sharon Simmonds, Hampshire, UK

"I'll never buy my makeup from anyone except Sacha Cosmetics They have never disappointed me with anything I've purchased."
L. Curtiss, New York, USA

"Your powder foundation is the best I have ever tried. Nothing I have ever tried comes close to how great it looks on me."
Sherry Lynn Butler, Alabama, USA

"I am so amazed with the quality of this line of cosmetics."
Kay Ann, Washington, USA

"They are perhaps the best cosmetic line for ethnic and non-ethnic women."
Orlando Clah, New Mexico, USA

"I have searched for a very long time for a makeup that is complimentary to my skin tone - very, very fair with yellow undertones. Sacha is fantastic for my skin!"
Joan Manning, California, USA

"I am a very light skin Asian and I usually look like a pink/orange ghost when I wear foundation. After trying your foundation, I'm a customer for life!"
Joyce Barnet,California, USA

"A lot of companies make claims about products that turn out to be untrue. Sacha is definitely not one of them. A very satisfied customer!"
Gloria Coats, Washington, USA

"This makeup is excellent for Hispanic women. Sacha is my number one choice over all the makeup out there."
Linda Sierra, New Mexico, USA

"I discovered your cosmetics when I did my first Mrs. Pageant. It looked great on and off stage."
Janet Thompson, Texas, USA

"I just wanted to sing praises for Sacha cosmetics. The eyeshadows go on so smoothly without flaking, and they stay on w/o fading. It is the best of all makeup companies I've tried."
Lisa Duncan, New York, USA

"The makeup is AMAZING! I've bought every expensive foundation in every department store and NOTHING has ever compared!!"
Bobbie Briggs - Sunset Louisiana, USA

"I love all of your products, especially the eye makeup (all of it) and the powder foundations. Your products are amazing!."
Rebecca Lonski, Delaware, USA

"Beautiful products!! Really nice texture and coverage. Now I see why you're so famous guys!."
Macarena Makeup, Texas, USA

"I am from the UK and absolutely love your products and am black and have tried loads of cosmetics on the market for black skin but nothing compares to your products. Everybody keeps commenting on how my skin looks flawless. We have Bobbi Brown, Fashion Fair etc., but nothing compares to your products. My skin looks flawless all day long."
Helen O'Neill, UK

"I luv your product! I am telling all of my friends to check out your website. It's great that you can order tester kits to find the correct shade. Thanx again - I am now definitely a loyal customer of Sacha cosmetics."
S Shafer, Ohio, USA

"Im quite pleased with the quality of Sacha Cosmetics products I love the true-to-color bases that provide enough coverage to make skin look flawless, yet it still looks like my skin and -even better- it doesn’t feel heavy and pore-clogging on my skin, like most foundation (department store or otherwise) does. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my shipment arrived as well. I will definitely purchase from Sacha Cosmetics in the future."
Trassel Brandy, MN, US

"The powders are great. Great customer service. I look forward in shopping with Sacha again. Thank you"
Anna Marin, CA, USA

"I am from Melbourne, Australia and a Qualified Hairstylist. I found your makeup to be amazing for lots of different skin tones"
Kristy Samuel, Victoria, Australia

"I am thoroughly satisfied with my Sacha purchase!! The delivery of the product was fast, and it came in good condition. Sacha cosmetics aims to please their customers and if a product needs replacing, they work promptly and efficiently. I experienced professional and friendly customer service. Also the makeup is excellent!"
Esseye L Crutcher, MS, USA

"I do Love the foundation. Finally a place for us olive skinned girls to go!"
Tina Howard TX, USA

"I was very pleased with my overall experience and with the quality of my purchase with this merchant. I will definitely buy from them again."
Miriam Ramos NY, USA

"The makeup is fabulous; I am so amazed with the quality of this line of cosmetics. No other foundation or powder has been so durable, flawless and in line with my skin tone. I'm really never going back to any other foundation or powder. Thanks so much!"
Kayahn, WA, USA

"The dual powder foundation is so perfect I can't imagine ever using anything else."
Sherry Lynn Buttler, AL, USA

"Your powder foundation was the best I have ever tried. I cannot tell you how great the formula was. I absolutely love the foundation, nothing I have ever tried has come close to how great it looks on me. I have tried every brand out there and I think this is going to be finally the foundation I stick with. Thank you sooo much."
Sommer Owens, USA

"Excellent product and website to help me choose the correct coloring. It’s very difficult to find makeup for my complexion. Didn't look as if I had on makeup. Can’t wait to try to skin care products."
Sandra Lawson, Pennsylvania, US

"After spending hundreds on makeup that is based on Caucasian (for lack of a better word) skin tones, Sacha offers products that can go with a majority of skin tones. This is great considering that no one has really explored the Latina market in makeup products."
Janet Fernandez, NH, USA

"The products I ordered were delivered very promptly. I love the powder foundation, loose powder and the Kamaflage. I have oily skin so the powder foundation is perfect. The Kamaflage does an excellent job of covering my acne scars and current breakouts. The Kamaflage setting powder and loose powder do a great job of setting the foundation along with the fix it spray. I cant say enough about the products and color they are perfect."
Sherry L. Butler, AL, USA

"Excellent offerings overall, perfect makeup sets based on skin tone, expert online information provided. Seems great for amateur and professional models alike."
Phillip Phan, CA, USA

"Just a note to you to say that I am "very" satisfied with your line of Sacha; it's the "first" time I have purchased a product that has really adjusted to my coloring. I purchased the powder compact, camouflage compact & the concealer. Only have to use a little of each, staying power is really fantastic, even in warmer weather. I have told many friends about the products. Keep up the good work!"
Toni Washington, PA, USA

"Sacha has become my favorite place for eye shadow and powder."
Jennifer Medlock, NC, USA

"I found this product by accident while surfing the net. As a dark skin Afro-American woman with hyperpigmation left from cystic acne it is very hard to find products that match the skin. Although I haven't tried it yet;(breakout) I like the fact that they offered returns if the shade was incorrect; this is unheard of with cosmetics. The prices are very reasonable. Delivery time was outstanding. I look forward to doing business with again."
Jacqueline Walker, AL, USA

"I will definitely do business with this merchant again! Great quality!"
Katherine McCleary, CA, USA

"It appears with some cosmetic companies, the lighter your skintone, the more red or orange their foundations tends to be. I’ve purchased Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Cover Creme. To my amazement, a little goes a long way. I’ve found the Kamaflage Cover Creme blends easily with their liquid foundations and looks great in the daylight as well. That yellow base does the trick for me. I’m sure you’ll be delighted as well!""
Keisha K Forrest, NY, USA

"I have a lot of acne scars and I have tried a lot of different make up, to cover the scars and nothing work, I usually ended up with a lot of make up on my face but the scars were very visible, I was embarrassed, a lot of make up is pink and does not match my Hispanic colored skin, so I tried the camouflage make up and I no longer have problems with my acne scars. Thank you."
Christina Garcia, CA, USA

"The foundations you offer is the perfect blend of color tone for me, as your foundations and powders have yellows in it, unlike the many other top brands I have tried."
Rishmaa, Trinidad

"Purchasing makeup for me has never been an easy feat. I have tried numerous products, Fashion Fair, Mac, Black Opal but I have never been able to get the look that I desired without buying several shades of any one brand and custom blending myself to get a better match. I decided to give Sacha a try. My makeup looks flawless I absolutely love these products. My sister asked me what I was using because I looked so radiant. Sacha Products has a brand new, more than satisfied customer."
Janet Fernandez, NH, USA

"The quality and effectiveness of your product is excellent. And I very much support the acknowledgment of diversity. Very nice customer service."
Amanda Szempuch, USA

"I just received my order today and was I surprised!!!! The color matches, I have vitiligo on hands and small amount on face. I have spent a fortune during the years on makeup which I usually end up not using. But not this time, at LAST no red undertones. Thank You very much. I ordered perfect bronze, and it is perfect!!!"
Lucinda Gladden, MD, USA

"I ordered the product and it came immediately. I will be ordering from them again"
Latisha D. Hawkins, USA

"Product came in excellent condition and arrived promptly"
Sheldon Blanchard, USA

"I had no problems with my order. It was here as promised."
Patricia Hubbard, USA

"I have received my order so fast, I could not believe it .This is the first time I buy Sacha foundation and I love it, the color is really nice, I have such a hard time matching my skin color and finally I have found a foundation that works with my skin color, thank you Sacha for your wonderful foundation I will be your new customer."
Maria Mc Kenzie

"I received the Kamaflage concealer, it works wonderful, the coverage is great and it stays in place. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to doing business with Sacha cosmetics in the future."
Beverly Williams, USA

"Just a note of thanks for the variety of cosmetics Sacha has to choose from. I have used products from Clinique, Lancôme, Maybelline and many others, but never been so impressed as with Sacha. I am thrilled by the eye makeup, the colours are so rich, and the foundation and powder blends in well with our skin tone."
Nicole, USA

"The one thing that I did love about your foundation was that it did NOT make me "look" like I was wearing a mask and that it matched my skin tone wonderfully, especially because I am Polynesian."
Lisa Langdon, USA

"First of all, I would like to say that I am very pleased with how quickly my ordered was delivered to me! I am really enjoying everything that I received."
Carla Robbins, USA

"I simply love Sacha Cosmetics. Finally something that blends with my skintones perfectly."
Sacha, Trinidad

"Thanks for fulfilling a need that has long been overlooked by make-up manufacturers – now women with exotic skin tones have an easier life shopping for make-up that blends with their unique coloring."
Dale Shieh, CA, USA.

"I love the cosmetics. The color matches my skin perfectly. The products arrive very fast and are in very good condition. E-mail confirmation of the order is almost immediate. I will definitely order again."
Linda Herman, USA

"Fast responses to emails. VERY quick shipment. Products ordered by 2:30pm one day were received the very next day. Excellent cosmetics products as well."
Maricar Bana, USA

"I frequently purchase products from Sacha Cosmetics. Their quality of merchandise is fantastic. The speed of processing of orders and delivery of goods is fabulous. My orders are always processed and delivered the same day or very next day. If your ever have a question about your order or a particular product, use the contact us link, leave a message for customer service and they will be right back with you. This has been a rare instance for me with online vendors but Sacha’s customer service is excellent. Sacha has me for a loyal customer."
Delilah L Morgan, USA

"Three words: *EXCELLENT *FAST *CHEAP PRICES. Excellent service, fast shipping, great prices and good products; I will be back very soon to shop !!!! So will my friends !!!!!"
Shalisa Baxter, AL,

Sacha Cosmetics has great customer service and I got my foundation within 3 days. I had to return it for a different shade and I haven't run into any problem yet. Thanks to Sacha Cosmetics."
Desiree Reid, USA

"I received my cosmetics just before I walked out the door. The colors are just as advertised really beautiful! Thank you so much for creating make up for women of color, I will keep your company in my rolodex always! Your line is so much better than what I have seen in department stores, Dior, Lancôme or pricey Channel. I hope to see tv commercials in the future featuring perhaps an older actress, Dianne Carrol for example. In the world of major Make up companies it is like we do not exist and that is not fair, we waste billions annually.. Thanks again!""
Gabriella Ayer, USA

"I really love my foundation and the new eyeshadows I recently purchased. Your products are great!"
Myla Johnson, FL, USA

"I love the Kamaflage line of cosmetics by Sacha. It provides the best coverage ever and is natural looking and easy to blend. It has wonderful staying power. I get compliments on it all the time. This is the only make-up I will use from now on."
Delilah Morgan, MI, USA

"I love the foundation colors. Thank you for making a great foundation."

Lynne Noble, CA, USA

"I have already begun to spread the word about how great your product makes me look and now I must add your satisfaction of delivery claim as well."
Mrs. Awilda Aguila Parsons, PA, USA

"I have received the trial foundation/powder sample kit. I have used cream foundation for years and wondered after trying the sample liquid, it covers better than what I've been using for my rosacea problem."
Rosemary Mahoney, KS, USA

"Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. Their products are outstanding. I will definitely order from them again."
Jeanette Dayton, MA, USA

"The products went on so well and look so lovely, I honestly cannot believe how good the results are."
Folayan Jarrett, Bristol, England, UK

"Website was easy to navigate and order arrived in a timely manner."

Carol Adams, MO, USA

"I'm so happy they're back!! The best makeup for us exotic women."

Mrs. Sardi, CA, USA

"Thank you! You guys offer some fabulous customer service."
Andra Bell, NJ, USA

"I am extremely pleased with the service I received and the quality of products from Sacha Cosmetics. Their customer service is outstanding, their shipping is very very fast, and the products are terrific. I can't say enough great things about my experience with Sacha Cosmetics! They even generously provided me with ample-sized samples of their foundations in several colors (and being a makeup artist myself, this will come in very handy). I want them to know just how happy I am with my order and what a great group they are."
Heather Blake, LA, USA

"Wow - for once in my life, I am speechless......Talk about customer service!!!!"
Melanie Roberson, CA, USA

"The order was easy to place. It arrived promptly and it was exactly as represented on the web site! You can't ask for more than that! This is the second order I have placed with Sacha and I will be placing my third very soon."

Erika Hand, OH, USA

"I would recommend this site to anyone. The online customer service was excellent, I was really pleased and will continue to use them."

Martha Hutsell, KY, USA

"All I can say is Sacha Cosmetics is great! and I know I have the privacy of shopping at home. Also Yahoo makes Sacha Easy to find."
Nisha Maharaj, FL, USA

"I have absolutely no reservations about making another purchase through the Sacha Cosmetics Store Front! I finally found the perfect shade in Leg Cover - a great product!"
Venus Ramcos, CA, USA

"Delivery was prompt and customer service was great."

Michelle Sheridan, UK

"I am a 15 year old tri-racial (black/white/hispanic) girl and my name is Sacha! I used your make-up for my quinceanero and everyone commented on how great I looked."

Sacha, London

"When asked to give an opinion of the Foundation Tester Kit I requested, I sent a response stating it was for a woman who endured a vicious knife attack and I needed to wait to get her opinion. Well she has given it. She loves the product. She was cut from her ear to her chest, and on her shoulder. As we all know, scars tend to be pinkish in color. The product does a great job in covering her scars when applied but she also noticed when cleaning the scared area the skin is darkening, blending in with her natural skin color.On her behalf, thank you! thank you! thank you!"
Aletha, GA, USA

"Shopping at Sacha was very pleasing. The site is friendly and fast. Definitely not complicated. In two words Straight Forward. I shall definitely shop again at Sacha."

Davidson Mourillon, FL, USA

"I recently went to one of your outlets, upstairs the Cleopatra building on Wrightson Road. I was very impressed with the results."
Coreen Stafford, Trinidad

"I am a personal coach and image maker for several local and international delegates who competes in pageants world wide. Since a few years I had the opportunity to be introduced to Sacha Cosmetics; I must say I am very impressed about the results and I am very eager to introduce Sacha Cosmetics in my country. Since I am starting my own modeling agency, I consider this a great opportunity to introduce Sacha Cosmetics as the official skincare and Make-Up product of my company."

Geraldine Suart, Curacao

"You did a good job! I received my order faster than I thought! And everything was there, in the tones I asked for. Thanks."
Nanacy Dionne, Quebec, Canada

"I would like to say that Sacha Cosmetics is wonderful. I am so glad that I found them. They have awesome products."

Valanie Denler, MN, USA

"Sacha Cosmetics has a really great customer service team."

Ayza Guillermo, CA, USA

"My order was processed so quickly, I could not believe it - they are fast and efficient and there were no errors in my order. I was 101% pleased!"

Deborah Abdelnabi, IL, USA

"This company has absolutely the best customer service! I ordered a number of products, some of which were not the correct color for my skintone. They promptly replaced them within a few days of my request. Great job!"

Phyllis Cheesley-AliI, MD, USA

"I just want to thank everyone at Sacha for making such a great product for individuals suffering form a variety of skin disorders!!! Thanks Again!"

JP Robinson, GA, USA

"I can’t believe that Sacha colors suit my skin perfectly!"

Miss Philippines "I find your make-up amazing on my skin. It gives such a flawless complexion with the right skin tone."
Miss Greece

"Your make-up is extraordinary and is great for all types of skin. I send you all my love and the magic of Chile."
Miss Chile

"You are the best make-up ever. I just love you!"

Miss Nigeria

"I appreciated Sacha Cosmetics' free samples. They helped me determine which product to buy."

Lori Perez, NY, USA

"My order was received much sooner than expected and I have used the products. I would recommend this site to my family and friends"
Barbara Hamlin, OH, USA

"My order came right away and everything has been as I ordered. Sacha has great cosmetics and great service."

Delilah Morgan, MI, USA

"Sacha products are for exotic women with exotic color. They go well with my tone. It’s like a house on fire!"

Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe 1999
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